"KAT" Wandersee
Lead Vocals - Percussion

I am orginally from the North Country of New York. I love to sing and perform on stage in front of people. I get a rush from the crowd. I love my family and friends. And after years of school/studying I am finally going to be an R.N. Meow!!

Kate Kolb
Rhythm/Acoustic Guitar
Backing & Lead Vocals

In the 80s, I had big hair and played in CNY's ONLY all girl rock band - Krystal Image. I started playing guitar at 17 and was/am influenced by Rik Emmet of Triumph (Ooo la la) and Melissa Etherige.

Dave -Rosie- Rosenfeld Dave "ROSIE" Rosenfeld
Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Backing Vocals

"I'd like to thank the brew masters at Heineken for creating the perfect performance fuel since 1863."

Donnie Farrington Donnie Farrington
Bass Guitar
Backing Vocals

Donnie has been playing music for 20+ years, enjoys everything but hip hop.... has been known to go home sober after shows and loves playing live music for anyone that wants to listen

Eric -Wic- Wilson Eric "WIC" Wilson
Backing & Lead Vocals

Started pounding on shoe boxes when I was about 5 years old, and some say it still sounds about the same :). Enjoy all styles of music and hope I can make people move when I play.

Photo Credits: [Chris Babcock] CB Photography